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2015 International Conference on Image Processing, Production and Computer Science June 3-4, 2015 Istanbul (Turkey) Back

ISBN 978-93-84422-22-6




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Table of contents

Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Half Iris versus Circular Iris Matching
Safaa Omran, and Aqeel Al-Hilali
2Collision Detection between Cloth and a Solid Object using Mass Spring Model and Bounding Volume Hierarchy
Nur Saadah Mohd Shapri, Riza Sulaiman, and Abdullah Bade
3Hybrid Distribution for Association Rules Extraction on Grid Computing
Mohammed REBBAH, Mohammed El Amine YERMES, Miloud KHALDI, and Mohammed DEBAKLA
4MRI Image Denoising Approach Based on TV and Neural Network Filter
Mohammed Debakla, Khalifa Djemal, and Mohammed Rebbah
5Chemotaxis Differential Evolution Optimization Algorithm (CDEOA) for Minimization of Supply Chain Cost with Embedded Risk
Yunus Emre Yıldız, and Oğuz Altun
6Task Scheduling in the Cloud Environments based on an Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm
Nima Jafari Navimipour
7Arabic Language Technologies: a Survey
Abdulelah Ibrahim Almishal
8DLMCC - Distributed Lock Management in Cloud Computing
Artur Koçi, and Betim Çiço
9A Fuzzy Logic Vector Control of Asynchronous Machine
Bellahsene Hatem Noura Razika , Alkama Rezak, and Torchiat Ghilas
10Hardware Development and Implementation of an Object Tracking Algorithm for UAV Applications
Dr.Senthil Kumar K, Mohamed Rasheed A, and Vairamanikandan K
11Robust Tampered Detection Method for Digital Audio using Gabor Filterbank
Fajri Kurniawan, Mohammed S. Khalil, and Hafiz Malik
12Determination of Yarn Twist Using Image Processing Techniques
Kazım Yıldız, Zehra Yıldız, Önder Demir, and Ali Buldu
13Finding and Displaying the Shortest Paths in Hyper-Rings
Raghda Alqurashi, and Tom Altman
14A New Adaptive Power Spectral Density Estimation Method Based on Projection of the Cross Spectral Metric Technique into the Amplitude and Phase Estimation (APES) Technique
Mahsa Mikaeili, and İrfan Karagöz
15Combining Genetic with RDPTA Algorithm for the Prolonging of the Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks
Aref Yelghi, Tuaghmohammad Kalte, and Asef Yelghi
16Implementation of Secure Hash Algorithm Sha-2 256 by using Labview
Roula AJ. Kadhim, Raaed K. Ibrahim, and Ali SH. Alkhalid
17Comparative Analysis on the Performance of Artificial Intelligence (Ai) Classification Algorithms
Lubabatu Sada Sodangi
18Proposal of a Methodology for the Calculation of Mini- Roundabouts’ Level of Service on Urban Areas
PhD. Alma AFEZOLLI, PhD. Elfrida SHEHU, and PhD. Igli KONDI
19Experimental Investigation on Tensile Strength of Concrete with Verbascum Herbal Additive
Taleb Moradi Shaghaghi
20Comparison of the Design of Reinforced Concrete Elements under the Shear Force According to Albanian Normative
Igli Kondi, Julian Kasharaj, and Elvis Capo
21Aero-Data Based Wind Resistant Design of Rectangular Shaped Tall Buildings
Jenmu Wang, and Chii-Ming Cheng
22Comparison of the Design of Flexural Reinforced Concrete Elements According to Albanian Normative
Igli Kondi, Julian Kasharaj, and Elfrida Shehu
23The Model for Determining the Market Value of Residential Properties in Tirana City
PhD. Elfrida SHEHU, PhD. Alma AFEZOLLI, and PhD. Igli KONDI
24Factors Affecting Material Procurement, Supply and Management in Building Projects of Pakistan: A Contractor’s Perspective
Engr. Anwar Zeb, Engr. Sohail Malik, Dr. Shazia Nauman, Engr. Hashim Hanif, and Engr. Muhammad Osama Shahbaz Amin
25Comparison of the Design of Reinforced Concrete Elements under Torsion According to Albanian Normative
Julian Kasharaj, Igli Kondi, and Alma Afezolli
26Dynamic Instability Evaluation of Coastal Saturated Loose Sands
Msc. Enkeleda Kokona, and Msc. Helidon Kokona
27Seismic Retrofitting of an Existing Structure
Arben Dervishaj, Ervin. Paçi, Hektor. Cullufi, Altin. Bidaj, and Irakli. Premti
28Fuzzy Neural Modelling with Parametric Study in Structural Engineering
Mariam Hafidi, and Fattoum Kharchi
29Failure Load of Plane Steel Frames Using the Yield Surface Method
Smail Boukeloua, Mohamed Laid Samai, and Abdelhadi Tekkouk
30Result Comparison of Resistance under Load Action with Different Appliance Angle in Timber Structures
Mentor Balilaj, Xhevahir Aliu, and Heris Dogga
31The Creep Effect in Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams for a Structural Floor
Xhevahir Aliu, Mentor Balilaj, and Ardit Shindre
32Wedge Anchorage System for Pre-stressed CFRP Reinforcement – A Literature Review
Othman AlSheraida, Sherif El-Gamal, and Abdullah Al-Saidy
33Sulphate Resistance of Aerated Concrete Containing Palm Oil Fuel Ash as Partial Sand Replacement
Fadzil Mat Yahaya, Khairunisa Muthusamy, Saffuan Wan Ahmad, and Mohd Warid Hussin
34Compressive Strength and Density of Oil Palm Shell Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Containing Palm Oil Fuel Ash under Different Curing Regime
Khairunisa Muthusamy, Nurazzimah Zamri, Norhaiza Ghazali, Sharifah Maszura Syed Mohsin, and Andri Kusbiantoro
35Analysis of Bending Behavior of Concrete Beams By the Moment-Curvature Method
Merimeche Fatiha, and Chabil Hocine
36An Empirical Analysis of Forecasting Light Rail Transit(LRT) Demand According to Realization of Land Development Projects for Residence in Korea
Seung-Hoon Cheon, Chan-Sung Kim, and Soung-Pyo Hong
37The Effect of Masonry Infill Walls on the Seismic Response of Reinforced Concrete Frames
Adel Ziada, Mohamed Laid Samai, and Abdelhadi Tekkouk
38Modeling of Fluid Flow and Temperature Profiles in Solar Stills using CFD
Muhammad Shakaib, and Masood Ahmed Khan
39Antiparasite Activity of Chitosan
Rym Salah- Tazdaït, Djaber Tazdaït, Zoubir Harrat, Naouel Eddaikra, Nadia Abdi and Nabil Mameri
40Formation of Tic Ceramic Coating on AISI D2 Tool Steel through Mechanical Milling Technique
Elmira kabiribalajaddeh, Farhad Saba, Jalil Vahdati-khaki, and Mohsen Haddad sabzevar
41Determination and Evaluation of Heavy Metal Pollution in Greenhouse Regions of Antalya (Turkey)
42Effects of La Addition and Heat Treatment on the Microstructure and Tensile Properties of A357 Aluminum Alloy
Bita Pourbahari, Masoud Emamy, Mehrab Lotfpour, and Sayed Hossein Allameh
43Adsorption of Cationic Dye onto Silt Dam from Aqueous Solution
Fatima Ouadjenia, Faiza Zahaf, and Reda Marouf
44Impact of the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Leachate on the Waters. Analysis and Treatment by the Reeds
Fatima Ouadjenia, Reda Marouf, and Ahmed Addou
45The Effect of Al–8%B Master Alloy and Heat Treatment Conditions on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of an A518 Aluminium Alloy
A.Amerioon, Gh. Ashuri, and M. Emamy
46Face Recognition under Difficult Lighting Conditions and Occlusions
Huda M.S. Algharib
47Effect of Ti-B Grain Refiner on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of a New Super High Strength Aluminum Al-Cu-Mg-Zn Cast Alloy
S. Mostafapoor, M. Emamy, and M. Malekan

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