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Dec. 25-26, 2017 Bangkok (Thailand) Back

IETCAS-17, EABNS-2017, DBMCE-17, AHSCSR-17 & LEBL-17

Prof. Kazuaki Maeda
Dr. Thaweesak Yingthawornsuk
Prof. HASSINI Noureddine

ISBN 978-81-934174-9-2



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Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Benefits of Formal Specification Techniques in Software Development
Emanuel S. Grant
2Technical, Environmental and Economical Feasibilities of Fuel with Higher Octane Number
Harwin Saptoadi
3Low Reynolds Number Flow around Transversely Arranged Elliptic Cylinders in a Channel of Slit Nozzle
Young-Woo Son, Jong-Hwi Lee, Jong-Hyeon Shin and Se-Myong Chang
4A Framework to Study Data Mining to Predict Pesticide Uses
Masud Karim
5Effect of Extraction Factors and Mass Transfer on Total Phenol Content and Antioxidant Activity of Wolffia Globosa L.
Chulawan Dorkmaingam, Pimporn Polpech and Chutimon Satirapipathkul
6Geotourism and Sustainable Development Perspectives of the Khao Phra Wihan National Park on the Southern Edge of the Khorat Plateau, Thailand
Mukda Singtuen and Krit Won-In
7Diminish of Olive Root Knot Nematode Population and Promoting of Host Growth by Fluorescent Pseudomonads
Gholam Khodakaramian and Nasim Khodakaramian
8Survey of Parasitoids and Predator on Asiatic Pennywort Farms in Thailand
Janejira Namee and Suvarin Bumroongsook
9Anti-Parkinsons Activity of Uncaria rhynchophylla Extract on Rotenone Induced Parkinsonism Model in Male Albino Rats
Maiada M. Saad, Hend M. Tag, Heba M. A. Abdelrazek and Zohour I. Nabil
10Monitoring Land Use Changes Using Remote Sensing Data and GIS Techniques: A Case Study of Phuket Island after Tsunami, Thailand
Pechrida Pechkong, Weerakaset Suanpaka, Hiroaki Shirakawa, Piphat Sornworg, Kittipos Prapassorn and Natchaya Surasingkaisorn
11Analytical Study on Term of Warranty Liability in Window and Door Work Defect in Apartment Building based on Occurred Defect Data
Junmo Park and Deokseok Seo
12The Potential Surface Analysis (PSA) for Groundwater: A Case Study of Chainat Province, Thailand
Natchaya Surasingkaisorn, Pechrida Pechkong, Weerakaset Suanpaka and Hiroaki Shirakawa
13Factors Affecting Choosing the Bachelor of Business Administration in Aviation Industry Management, Aviation Personnel Development Institute, Thailand
Niramon Akkarasrisawad and Krit Witthawassamrankul, Ph.D.
14A Corpus Approach to High Frequency Words in English Newspaper: A Preliminary Study
Anchalee Veerchaisantikul, Maythinee Duangprasertchai and Anucha Klamnoy
15The Effect of Employee Engagement and Empowerment towards Employee Motivation and Job Performance in Service Sector in Nepal
Karima Singh , Sasithorn Suwandee and Dr. Suwat Vongsinsirikul
16The Effects of Blended Learning Model via Learning Environment on Cloud Computing to Enhance Creative Products of Undergraduate Students
Siripon Saenboonsong, Thanrat Sintanakul and Krich Sintanakul
17News-based Activities to Motivate EFL Students for Deliberate Vocabulary Learning
Darrell Wilkinson
18Teaching and Learning by using GeoGebra
Tadashi Takahashi
19Adoption of Kampung Majapahit Innovation by Bejijong Village Society and Sentonorejo Village in Trowulan
Hardian Isrofi Diptyanti
20Communication Barriers in Socialization Process of Mojokerto Service City
Ade Lia Rahmawati
21Communication Strategy Department of Population and Civil Registration of Mojokerto City in Socializing Population Products to the Society with Art Media Ludruk
Andika Dewantara
22Impact of Globalization Versus Annual Reporting: A Case
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Junaid M. Shaikh and Prof. Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Mamun
23Occupational Stress on Psychological Well – Being, Job Satisfaction and Work Commitment: A Study of Textile Industries of Northern India
DR. ANIS AHMAD, and L. N. Mithila
24Corporate Sustainability Reporting Quantity: Its Consequense on Corporate Reputation
Ni Wayan Sulastri, Marisabella Simatupang, Dian Agustia
25The Meaning of Muslim-Friendly Destination: Perspective of Malaysian and Korean Scholars
Napat Ruangnapakul
26“Can Food Waste Be Reduced? An Investigation into Food Waste Management in Hospitality Sector”
Dr. Girish Nair, Dr.Nidhi Choudhary, Swati Prasad

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