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Sept. 8-10, 2017 Istanbul (Turkey) Back

ESTIA-2017, HEFBS-2017, UTAEE-17, BLECSR-17 & LEHSS-17


Prof. Dr. Bülent TOPCUOĞLU

Prof. Kazuaki Maeda

Assoc. Prof. Aleksander Aristovnik

ISBN 978-81-934174-2-3



Table of Contents
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Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Numerical Investigation of the Recirculation Zone Length Upstream of the Round-Nosed Broad Crested Weir
Mehmet Anıl Kızılaslan and Ender Demirel
2Comparison of the Urban Public Spaces Related to the Communal Rituals (Iran & Other Countries)
Arash Saghafi Asl, Nahid Hashemi and Amirreza Balafar
3An Investigation about Level of Awareness of Civil Rights: Case Study Citizens in Uremia- Iran
Akbar Abdollahzadeh Taraf and Karam Safari
4Kampung Tangguh Bencana: A Community Based Climate Change Adaptation Program in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Fauzi Ahmad
5Examining the Framework of Using Ozone as a Non-Thermal Technology in Canned Fish Industry of Parsian Zagros Company
Farhad Fataie, Masoom Hatamikia, Kamran Sohrabi and Armin Yari
6Medical Waste Management in Libya Northeastern Region Hospitals as a Case Study
Prof. Dr. Farag A. EL Mabrouk
7Investigation of the Plasma Processes for Food Treatment
Elmira Vanaki, Negin Noori and Nima Babolani Mogadam
8Study on Total Phenolic, Flavonoid Contents and Antioxidant Activity of Water Extract of Endemic Plant Satureja Hortensis Leaves
Abolfazl Kamkar
9Nitrate and Heavy Metal Contamination of Grounwater under the Greenhouse Cultivation
Bülent Topcuoğlu
10Line x Tester Analysis of Agro-Physiological Traits in Sunflower under Water Deficit Condition
Sahar Pooratefi, Mostafa Valizadeh, S. Abolghasem Mohammadi and Mehdi Ghaffari
11Performances of Colored Spirulina (Spirulina Platensis) Soluble Protein Fractions as Surfactants at Liquid-Liquid Interface
Abakoura Barka and Christophe Blecker
12The Effects of Testosterone on AGS Human Gastric Cancer Cell Line
Ahmadi R, Najafyian N and Karimi Ghezeli Z
13Spiritual Intelligence and Cancer Treatment at a Short Glance
Safavi M and Fatehi Narab H
14Preoperative Respiratory Physiotherapy and Postoperative Pulmonary Complications in CABG
Taghavi S and Mashhadi Jafari M
15The Effects of Cytotoxic Dose of Diclofenac on CD82/KAI1 in Cervical Cancer Cells in Cell Culture
Kiminezhad M, Kiminezhad P, Erfany M and Karimi Ghezeli Z
16Security Analysis of Random Access Schemes
Hoesang Choi and Hichan Moon
17Comparative Study of Simple Basin Solar and Basin Solar Still with Additional Condensation Chamber Coupling to Flat Plate Collector
Rabah Kerfah and Kamel Farhat Benabelaziz
18Design, Construction and Performance Evaluation of a Rice Par Boiler
Faruk Hammanadama Abubakar
19Features of Data Analytic Models Supporting Social Media Analysis toward Policy Modeling
Elahe Meydani
20CFD Study of Cooled Flow in Annular Combustor of Aircraft-Engine
Dhirgham Alkhafaji, Noor Al-Rubaye and Mohammed Al-khafajiy
21Design and Application of Heating System by Using Ground - Source Heat Pump for Isparta-Turkey Climate Conditions
M.Alkhalidi, O. Ipek and B. Gurel
22Solar Energy-Based Combıned Coolıng and Heatıng System Desıgn and Prototype Productıon
S. Alomarı and O.IPEK
23Electrical Energy Production from the Waste Heat Released the Gas Turbine Beaings Cooled with Oil using the Organic Rankine Cycle
M. Mohammedsalıh, O.İPEK and M.KAN
24Modeling and Simulation of Twin-Shaft Industrial Gas Turbine of the Gas Compressor Station in the Middle East and Presentation of New Maintenance Planning Approach
Mohammadreza Farrokhnia, Abdul Mohammad Koohpeyma, Davood Jafarian and Aliakbar Safekordi
25Hybrid Hash-Based Join Algorithm for Parallel Computing
Amer Al-Badarneh, Yarub Wahsheh and Hassan Najadat
26The Relationship between Students Beliefs on Foreign Language Learning and Their Speaking Performance in Rural High school English Classes
Mansooreh Jamali
27The Pop Up Store Motivational Factor of Indonesian Online Fashion Retailer as Innovative Marketing Strategy
Welisha Firdausi Drieno
28How Significant is the Difference of Own Source Revenue and Intergovernmental Transfer Impact on Local Education Spending in Java and Papua Island?
Akbar Nikmatullah Dachlan
29Cloud-based Collaborative Mind-mapping for Lifelong Learning Analysis in Higher Education
Jamaludin Badusah, Nurul Aisyah Kamarozzaman, Helmi Norman, Muhammad Hussin, Jamal Lail Abdul Wahab, Norazah Nordin, Melor Md Yunus & Salleh Amat
30The Application of Critical Chain Concept in Elena Project Guidance
Mehrasa Mosallami and Siamak Haji Yakhchali
31Proposing an Improved Risk Assessment Model: A Case Study in Saba Tower
Mehraneh Davari, Siamak Haji Yakhchali and Sirous Shojaie
32New Model for Portfolio Selection: Based on Future Approach (SFMADM)
Reza Mirbagheri, Reza Roshangarzadeh and Siamak Haji Yakhchali
33Cycling Policies and Strategies: The Case of Lisbon
João Marrana and Francisco Serdoura

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