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International Conference on Green Buildings, Civil and Architecture Engineering (ICGBCAE-15) Dec. 25-26, 2015 Dubai (UAE) Back




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1Design Patterns of Kids Spaces to Help Kids to be Friend with Nature
Dr. Minoo Shafaei
2Investigating the Possibilities of Reusing Textile Wash Water Directly for Pretreatment (Scouring and Bleaching) of Knit Cotton Goods
M.S. Osman, G.C. Saha, S.M.A. Islam, Md. Abu Shaid, M.S. Reza and H.M.A. Hoque
3Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change through Integrated Agricultural Approach
S.M.A. Islam, M.S. Osman, G.C. Saha, H.M.A. Hoque, and M.S. Reza
4Impact of Textile Dying Wastewater Irrigation on Yield, Growth and Food Value of Tomato
G.C. Saha, M.S. Osman, S.M.A. Islam, S. Khandaker, H.M.A. Hoque, and M.S. Reza
5Towards Sustainable Hospitality in Egypt: Increasing Indoor Air Quality
Mona Azouz
6Free Vibration and Stability Behavior of Non-Prismatic Clamped-Clamped Beams Resting on Elastic Foundations Using DQM
Mahmoud E. Said, Mohamed Nassar, M. H. Taha, Adel A. Abdelgawad
7Service Life of Fly Ash Concrete in Harsh Marine Climates
Mahmoud E. Said, A. Hussein, and Assem A. A. Hassan
8Reinventing the Future: A New Lifestyle
Hamza Ali Chowdhry and Mehwish Bandealy
9Thermal Performance of Vegetated Facades – What India Can Learn
Irfan Haider Khan and Saptarshi Kolay
10Cement free Green Concrete Material - The Geopolymer An Informative Overview
Neetu Singh ,Sameer Vyas and R. P. Pathak
11Green Hotel: A Lesson from Traditional Architecture
Alireza Vafaee Hosseini and Atefeh Moghadam Ariaei
12Study By Numerical Mean of the Behavior of the Twin-Block Sleeper Used in the Superstructures of Railways
TAHI Mohammed and HAMlI BENZAHAR Hamid
13The Threatened Historic Urban Landscape and Land -Use Planning for the Derevenk Valley in Kayseri, Turkey
Methiye Gül Çöteli
14Cold Plane Innovative Method for Humidity Condition Control
Meghedy Khodabakhshian
15Spatial Digraph of ‘Danna’ Slum Area in Alexandria, Egypt
Ali Essam El Shazly
16The Delaunay Diagram of Roundabout Cairo since 1867
Ali Essam El Shazly
17Green Adaptive Reuse of Historic Buildings A case study: Wekalet El-Lamoun, Alexandria, Egypt
Naguib, Ingy
18Camera Based Street Light Control System on FPGA Platform
Anna Merine George, Mary Ann George, Susan G. Varghese
19The Thermal Re-Adaptation by using Interior Design Elements
Dr. Amira Fawzy Helmy Ali Almaz
20Towards Sustainable Houses in Rural Areas in Sudan
Rania Abdelrahman Osman
21Semi-Active Control of Concrete Building Frames using Smart Cables of Shape Memory Alloys
Alok Madan, Vimal Kumar Gupta

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